perpetually stoked

Since my earliest days, I've had a zealous creative drive. At the time, I was building LEGO structures, backyard forts and blanket tents. But now, armed with a journalism degree from the University of Southern California and a deep passion for adventure and the environment, my focus has turned to creating stories.

I'm a Vermonter who's a gaper on the slopes, a SoCal alumnus who can't surf and a college graduate who still lives in his truck. I've taken lots of chances and seen plenty of failures, but my experiences have cultivated a true passion for being outdoors, living simply and sharing good stories.

I live by an ethos of getting outside and moving every day, and I aim to tell the stories of people who do the same.

When friends and family ask what I'm looking for, it's tough to give them an exact answer. But I've found a common theme:

I'm in search... of the best route, the best expedition, the best people, the best story.

Think you've found it? I'm all ears. From the crag to the rocky shores to the alpine summit, let's craft your passion into a story.

A great story requires eclectic personalities and stunning visuals. Let's work together to bring out the best of both.